Olive oil

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Maslinovo ulje Bale Istra - Olio d´Oliva Bale Istria

Olive Oil – Golden Drops of Health, Delight of Tastes and Scents of the Mediterranean.

The love of olives and nature combined with continuous work yields the olive fruit – top quality oil, worldwide recognition and awards.
The excellence of oil has been awarded and confirmed – top virgin olive oil from our beautiful olive groves cultivated in the favourable micro location of southern Istria, the vicinity of the sea with plenty of sunshine and care and attention of our "hands and eyes".

We make oil of buža, rosulja, leccino and other varietals characterised by their matchless piquancy, aroma and enchanting fruitiness. We organise oil tastings.
Our oil is kept in controlled conditions, where dark glass bottle safeguard its nutritional value.
Golden olive oil is our mission, pleasure and joy – we highly recommend it to you too.

OPG (Family Run Farm)
Mauricio Drandic and Vesna
Braida 4
Bale 52211

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